Portrait of a woman facing a basket full of fresh strawberries
Portrait of a woman facing a basket full of fresh strawberries

The Qali Kay way

Our Journey

Qali Kay translates to "healthy"

Derived from Quechua, an indigenous language steeped in the Andean traditions of South America. This phrase encapsulates the very essence that inspires Qali Kay's products, crafted to nourish your body and honor the meaning of these words.

Portrait of a woman with brown hair holding an apple in her hand
Organic freeze-dried mango snack bag
Man holding a small basket of blueberries
Machu Picchu landscape

The origin of FREEZE-DRYING

In the Andean heights, hundreds of years ago,

the Incas pioneered freeze-drying preserving their food through frost and sun. Now, Qali Kay continues this legacy, using modern technology of freeze-drying to deliver the essence of the very meaning of Qali Kay in every bite.

The connection to food and its source runs deep

We partner with farmers, ensuring each step of the supply chain resonates with respect for the environment and the communities it touches.

Nourishing body and soul

At Qali Kay, we are dedicated to the well-being of our partners and communities every step of the way.

Our snacks go beyond being good for you—we also contribute to making the world better.

A collaboration to make a difference

Tierra's Angels

Join us in our mission to provide better medical attention to families in Peru. Each order contributes to this aid.