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Natierra Freeze-Dried Bananas bag with nutrition facts, journey and main product claims.
Natierra Organic Freeze-Dried Bananas 2.5 oz bag
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Organic Bananas

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Natierra's Organic Freeze-Dried Bananas start with fresh organic bananas, maintaining all the natural vitamins, fiber, and sweetness. They are made without frying or baking, ensuring a snack full of the natural sugar from the bananas only. These snacks are a result of Natierra's commitment to superior organic sourcing, supporting sustainable agriculture and providing high-quality, wholesome ingredients.


What people are saying

“I love the freeze dried blueberries. They are crunchy so good.”

Donna Z., Verified Buyer

“How can you top Sublime? Heavenly? That's all I got.”

Jeannine T., Verified Buyer

“YUMMY! Berry Spark with Oat milk is my favorite. Tastes like ice cream. I already ordered more.”

Jessica J., Verified Buyer

“My 18m son loves these for a snack. They make it easy to take fruit on the go!”

Kelsey N., Verified Buyer

Freeze-Dried Organic Bananas

This wholesome snack starts with fresh organic bananas sourced from seasonal crops. It combines the vitamins and fiber of fresh fruit with the crunch of a chip and the sweetness of candy. There's no frying, no baking, and only the sugar provided by Mother Nature!

Organic Bananas

Organic Bananas

That’s it!

This product only contains fruits and nothing else. Enjoy!

Handpicked with love from farmers committed to sustainable practices, our snacks are crafted with care Handpicked with love from farmers committed to sustainable practices, our snacks are crafted with care
Elevate your snacking experience with bursts of vibrant, organic fruits & veggies, while supporting local communities and sustainable agriculture. Elevate your snacking experience with bursts of vibrant, organic fruits & veggies, while supporting local communities and sustainable agriculture.
It's snacking with heart It's snacking with heart
It starts with an adventure It starts with an adventure
With Good People With Good People
We take  fresh fruits We take fresh fruits
Freeze them  Brr!! Freeze them Brr!!
Take out Most of this Take out Most of this
Keeping the good stuff intact Keeping the good stuff intact
To get a deliciously crunchy snack To get a deliciously crunchy snack
And Superfoods with  Soul! And Superfoods with Soul!
When we pack our smoothies and snacks, we print a "Best Before" date on the pack, which indicates for how long it will be at its freshest – generally 1 year from when you receive it. Please note that as our products are mostly dried, they can be good past the “best before” date if kept sealed and in a cool dry place. Nevertheless, our products are at their best if consumed before the best before date. Past these dates the appearance, texture and taste of the products might change as the products age and mature.
Our snacks are made from real organic and premium fruits and vegetables. For chocolate-covered snacks we also use organic cacao, organic soy lecithin and organic milk. You can read the full list of ingredients on each product page and at the back of each pack.
We craft our products using premium and organic fruits and vegetables, relying on the availability of high quality fresh ingredients. Consequently, some popular flavors may temporarily go out of stock if a specific ingredient is in limited supply. Please be assured that we are diligently working to replenish the inventory and bring all your favorite flavors back to the shop as quickly as possible.
You can find all the nutrition information on each product page on as well as on the nutrition label on the back of each pack.
Natierra Organic Freeze-Dried Fruit products are not considered raw as they are not in their natural state. Using a freeze-drying process removes the moisture without heating the fruit, allowing the nutrients contained in our fruits to remain intact.
No, we never use chemicals in our freeze-drying process.
There are no additives in our Freeze-Dried Food products except for the Organic Apples for which we use a brine solution. A brine solution is a natural solution used to preserve the freshness and color of our apples. It is made from water, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), citric acid and salt.
Our smoothies and snacks do not have added sugars or sweeteners or any kind. Our freeze-dried fruits and vegetables only contain the sugar that is naturally occurring in the fruit. They are not a low-calorie food; see the nutrition information on each bag for calorie and sugar content.

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Customer Reviews

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Quality snacks

I'm using the dried fruits in cereal and salads. They make a wholesome nutritious breakfast and lunch topping.

Mary H.

Love it

Rona G.

I put these in my oatmeal, and it's just like having fresh bananas. Wonderful!